Monday, December 21, 2009

Tile Fiasco.

Recently I had a strange experience with a potential customer. Attached is a blog from that customer with the experience in her own words. It was a great exercise for diplomacy and understanding. Thanks Rebecca for the opportunity!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Custom Shower, Garden Tub & Floor

Below is a bathroom that I've been working on "on&off" for about three weeks. Work was broken up by Thanksgiving. I used 12x12 tri-color tiles on the floor and tub deck. I also cut in stone dots randomly throughout the floor. There is a close up of these dots below where I used it above the shower door. Then I used 8x10 wall tile in the shower, on the tub surround and the WC privacy wall. There is also a cool feature band that runs throughout.
This is an example of the dots that are used in the floor tile. This one was bigger than the field tile used here so I allowed the top stone to grow "out of bounds" like a little peak.

Can't go wrong with a Better Bench.

Two custom insert niches and a custom soap dish made out of field tile and some bullnose.

Custom Shower, Garden Tub & Floor

These next two pictures are an inside view looking out of the shower posted above.

Wall for privacy while your pooing.
This is the crazy floor plan that I had to work with. Came out nice though. Worked real hard on keeping the lines straight throughout. You can see the door to the bedroom in the mirror. It's hard to capture these tight bathrooms on camera.