Monday, September 13, 2010

Stone Shower with Glass Blocks & Insert Boxes

This is one of my favorite bathrooms that I've done so far. Design wise it is about perfect. Everything is balanced. All the tiles are all made of the same material and are the same size. I just adjusted the shapes and angles to create texture and pattern variances. And I also got to use a lot of features that have practical applications and work great in the design.

This is the first time I've worked with glass blocks. Because I didn't have to stack them, I can't say that I got the real experience using them. But these came out great for what we needed them for. They provide light and a sense of openness.

Here you can see two corner shelves made out of the 12" floor tile. I cut a 6" triangle, slightly smaller than a half of a 12" tile from corner to corner. Then I use the bullnose to cap the front of the shelf. Because these are easy to make and they are made from the actual field tile, they are guaranteed to match better than any factory made shelf you can buy.

Glass Tile Back Splash

Below is a 1"x 2" glass tile back splash. The home owner just had new counter tops installed and wanted something simple and modern for the kitchen. I used mastic to install the tile and a bright white grout & caulk to finish it off. Check out the detailed cuts around the window frame. This job was started in May or June but not enough tile was ordered. And what the home owner bought was the last of the supply! So about 80% through the job, it had to be put on hold for the rest of the tile to be ordered. Now, when using tile from two different dye lots, there are always variations in color. This time I think the new tile blended pretty well with the old. The glass has so many reflective properties because it is clear and slightly rounded. So each piece has a different look to it depending on how the light is hitting it. Try to figure out the new from the old. I bet you can't!