Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ceramic Basement Floor 1

This was a pretty big job for me. I'm used to doing smaller kitchens and bathrooms. I've done a few "entire condos" and "entire basement" jobs before, but it's been a while. This one was about 500 sq. ft. It took 5 days to set all the tile and about one to grout everything. The tile was set on concrete. I used an anti-fracture/waterproofing material between the tile and the concrete. This will help prevent any cracks in the concrete from transferring to the tile. To understand the pics better, the layout was a big room with a small hallway leading to some stairs. That hallway had a small room off to the left and a small closet off to the right. The first pic is from inside the smaller room looking into the closet. The big room is off to the right. The second pic is the inside of the closet. And the third pic is of a support pole in the middle of the floor. Since the pole ended up landing in the middle of a tile, I split to tile and added an extra grout line to sort of follow the pattern. More detailed pics are in the previous two entries.

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