Friday, August 21, 2009

Slate Patio

On this job, I start by painting the concrete with a waterproofing/antifracture membrane because this is the roof of a garage. I also painted the waterproofing in the corners and up the brick walls as high as the base tiles were going to be placed. This way, the roof is completely waterproofed before the 1st tile is installed. As the 1st coat of waterproofing was drying, I sealed each piece of slate. This gives it a finished look plus protects the slate from thinset/grout sticking to it. Highly recommended. After all the slate was sealed, I painted a second coat of waterproofing on the patio. You should paint a second coat within 5 to 6 hours of the 1st. The 2 coats bond better that way. The next day I started tiling the field tiles. On the third day, I installed all the cuts along the edges and the base tiles. Finally, I grouted. When grouting slate take your time cleaning the surface. Expect to spend more time grouting slate than other tiles. After grout is cured, reseal all the tiles and grout together. I used a sponge. After sealer dries, buff the tiles using a clean dry towel to remove any haze. Enjoy the pics.

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Mytch said...

Great work Rich! Looks fantastic.