Sunday, November 15, 2009

Granite Shower, Floor & Backsplash Part 2

Below is a close-up of the shower bench. I've shown step-by-step how this is done in previous posts if you're interested.
I love pebbled shower floors. It's not slick and feels great on your feet. They say they're therapeutic!

Here you can see the sharp contrast between the shower tile and the black/gray main floor tile.


hardwood tampa said...

I also love pebbled shower floors! They're not slippery and yes, they're really comfortable to step on. Our house in Florida is just a 10-minute drive away from the beach, and fortunately there are good stores that offer quality sets of flooring tile (Clearwater is where I live).

I absolutely like what you did on that flooring. I've been looking online for the best design to apply to my house's interior. I think I'll just go and ask my friends' opinions regarding the best type of tile. Tampa, sure is the best place ever coz' I live right across my friends' neighborhood. Thanks for the great design ideas!

Rustam khan said...

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