Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marble Shower Part 2

Here is a marble tile job I just finished up around Sept. 20th 2009. It is a classic marble design similar to the one a few blogs ago that one me the Gold Ribbon in the Wilmington, NC Parade of Homes. I used a combination of glass and marble and I think travertine for the accent tile. More detailed pics are featured in the previous post.
The missing tile is explained in the previous post.
On the floor each piece has its tips clipped to accommodate for the feature tile. The 45 degree layout on the floor contrast the straight lay on the walls.

The two shampoo niches were made from preformed plastic boxes whereas the smaller soap niche was custom made from 2x4s. Notice the tiles on the upper, inside faces of the large boxes. They are very thin L shaped cuts. Knowing that marble is very fragile, I'd like a little recognition for these detailed cuts. Your silence is praise enough. Thank you!

Marble Shower

Below are some detailed pics of the marble tile job above. Here is a shot of the custom miter cuts for the right hand corner of the garden tub.

In the far left you can see how I has to cut into the curb to go around the door frame slightly.

I decided to use a full piece of field tile for the corner of the surface of the garden tub. This way it looks cleaner and the small cuts ended up in the corners and not as noticeable. The reason for the missing rail tile is that after the glass door is installed, I'll cut the rail tile to fit on both sides of the glass.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Travertine Shower and Floor Part 3

This is a Travertine shower and floor. Travertine is a natural soap stone. It is porous so needs to be sealed if being used in a shower. See previous two blog entries for more pics and details.

Travertine Shower and Floor Part 2

Here is the floor completed. Below are some pics of the job in progress.
Niche complete.
I tiled the back of the niche first and went from there.
Closet: using wedges to keep the tight grout joints straight.

Travertine Shower and Floor

This is a Travertine tiled bathroom that I recently installed. Below are the before pics and some pics of the prepping. Originally there was linoleum on the floors. I removed it and laid 1/4 inch cement board.

Here I used 1/2 inch cement board on the walls and created the niche using 2x4s and plywood as the back ground. Then I covered all the wood with pieces of cement board. Then I taped and waterproofed all the seams.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Powder Room Floor

Next up is a small powder room that need a simple, clean upgrade from the linoleum that was originally installed. You can see an example of the old linoleum in my next post above at a later date. I first removed the toilet, then the linoleum and scraped the glue off the sub-floor. That took some work. I still have the scar of a blister that was created and later ripped open by this job two weeks ago. I remembered to use gloves on the next job. I then installed 1/4" Hardi-back to the sub-floor for a level and sturdy foundation. The blue and white tiles with the bright white grout really popped with this traditional blue and white wallpaper and art on the walls.