Sunday, March 20, 2011

Custom Shower with natural rock floor 2

Below are more pics from the previous post.
This is a close up of the natural rock floor on the shower. There is a very slight slope for drainage. Looks and feels like your are walking in a shallow rocky creek in the woods. Great grout color to simulate sand.
Here is a shot of the main bathroom floor. I decided to do a diamond pattern to contrast the rectangles on the walls. Took more time, but was well worth it.
Hard to capture everything in these tight rooms. I tried to show the layout from inside the shower.
This a tile foyer that I installed months before the shower. It is actually the same tile that is in the shower, just different sizes and colors.
Wasn't sure how to address the diamond pattern with the closet, so I decided to just do the "brick" pattern in the closet to allow the diamond pattern to appear to be framed by a single darker tile. When the door is closed, it just looks like a dark brown frame. When you look inside, you see a charming brick layout.

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