Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Limestone Tile Part 1 of 5

Welcome back to my tile blog. It's been a while, but I'm been a little busy. This job started on January 10th 2010. I started out having to remove the 900 sq. ft. of existing tile. The demo took about a week. I had three helpers with me and three jack-hammers to chip the old tile off of the concrete floor. Lots of dust, sweat and tears. That was hell week. After the tile was removed, I went through and fine tuned the floor. This is where I cleaned and smoothed out the high and low points. Filling holes and repairing cracks. Then I had to mix up some floor mud to repair some of the steps. After the mud dried and the floor was level and clean, I could paint on the RedGard anti-fracture membrane. I should get sponsored by these guys for publishing their name. This stuff works great in showers for waterproofing too. After a day of putting two coats of the RedGard on, I could start the layout plans. As you can see this is a pretty complex design. The good thing is that the way the pieces fit together, it won't allow you to drift too much. If you do start to drift the pieces won't fit properly anymore. So that kind of helps you stay straight. The though provoking work was going around corners and into other rooms. That always hard but even more confusing trying to follow a crazy pattern like this. Well don't worry to much about me, I did it all by my self and survived. So enjoy the pics.

Front of house from driveway. Refer to this pic from time to time as you brows these posts. The layout can get confusing. The brown door is the "front door" and there is a walkway that connects the house to the garage.
This pic was taken from the ledge of the fish pond looking into the dining room and kitchen. Walkway to garage is right of dining room.

This pic was taken from the entry to the garage walkway.


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Awesome Pic of installation of limestone tiles