Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Limestone Tile Part 3

To the left you can see the "front door". As you go down the hall you can reach the library and bedrooms. There are also two bathroom about midway down the hall to the left. Fish pond is on the right.
This is looking into one of the two bathrooms from the hall way. These stone walls are solid from the outside in. It took 18 month for two masons to complete.

This is another hallway that leads to a living room (where this pic is taken from), the kitchen (on the left) and the basement (first door on right). Home owner sampling reclaimed wormy maple to replace the carpet.
This was the original tile. They used granite for the steps. You can see where the tile was starting to crack and break apart on the bottom step. This was remedied by reshaping the concrete with floor mud, then using fiberglass drywall tape for extra security and painting two coats of RedGard on top.
This is an example of the RedGard waterproofing/anti-fracture membrane.

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